Re-Inventing Talent Development & Analytics

A platform to build high performing and competitive workforces

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Talent Development

Talent DevelopmentUnderstand your workforce and develop for the future.

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Talent Analytics

Talent AnalyticsForecast capability gaps and build a strong talent pipeline.

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Empowers leaders to drive performance

For the first time leaders will be able to capture and analyze their talent landscape

Employee Insights

Employee Insights

Identify high-performing employees and talent skill gaps.

Employee Insights

Targeted Learning & Development

Promote and measure the effectiveness of targeted learning.

Employee Insights

Predictive Talent Analytics

Forecast talent and skill capability gaps to build a strong talent pipeline.

Empowers employees to self-drive their careers

Provide the tools for employees to continually grow and develop skills

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Why choose Us

The velocity of change in the market has become so rapid that organizations are struggling to keep up and innovate. The consequence is an environment where people are unable to stay current, competent, and relevant making it hard to compete. We are committed to helping organizations obtain insight into market demands to continuously develop employee skills and turn on a dime.

Our Mission

Patheer's mission is to revolutionize the way organizations strategize, think about, and manage talent.

What you get

A platform that aligns the interests of both employees and employers. Patheer provides a robust talent development experience to help your high-performing employees identify career growth opportunites and target their learning based on aspirational gaps. Additionally, Patheer provides predictive analytics to capture and forecast talent and skill capabilities.