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Workforce Development hasn’t changed in over 100 years, until now….

Real Engagement

Real EngagementReal engagement is about mastery, motivation, and a sense of purpose. Patheer delivers all three.

Real Organizational Performance

Real Organizational PerformanceThe gap between aspiration and execution is an existential threat to every company. Patheer closes that gap.

Real Analytics

Real AnalyticsNo opinions. Only facts. Actionable analytics and insight for everyone.

Engage your workforce by focusing on the one thing that matters the most...their careers.

Innovative Features

Empower employees to build skills, explore options, and develop continuously.

Skills Mapping

Employees will know what they can do with their skills.

The most common reason employees leave an organization is due to the lack of career growth opportunities. This is often related to not knowing how or where skills can transfer to within the organization. Employees now have a way to understand where their skills can be utilized within the organization.

Career Paths & Options

Employees will get clear visibility of all their career options.

Employees want to know about lateral and advancement opportunities. Employees are able to visualize all the different career paths and advancement options within your organization.

Targeted Content & Learning

Employees will learn more with a purpose.

Employees will receive personalized and targeted training specific to their current skill gaps and career aspirations. They will also be able to create personalized plans to help them close gaps and achieve goals.

Management Features

Empower leaders & managers to identify gaps, provide opportunities, and promote continuous improvement.
Data Integration

Data Integration

Utilize the data you already have. Patheer makes it easy to integrate with your existing HRIS platforms.

Competency Modeling

Competency Modeling

Don't have a compentency model in place. Let Patheer do the heavy lift for you to help get you started.

Success Profile

Success Profiles

Using past and current employees data Patheer is able to generate success profiles to learn what the ideal candidate looks like for a specific position.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Patheer provides real-time data insight and predictive modeling to gain insight on your workforce. Ensure your talent is equipped with the right skills for the future.

Targeted Training

Targeted Training

Optimize your L&D budget by providing your employees with targeted training specific to their career aspirations

Career Options

Career Pathing

Learn all the career paths and opportunities to advance your career. Patheer will show you how to get there.

Skills Gap

Skills Gap Analysis

Patheer shows employees what skills they are missing to reach their career aspirations.

Skills Mapping

Skills Mapping

Gain visibility where your skills are transferable to other positions within your organization.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Don't need to be a data expert. Patheer makes your reports easy to understand.

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