Talent Analytics

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Talent Analytics

Only 4% of organizations use predictive analytics with their talent strategy.

Organizations sit on mounds of employee, performance and company data. For years we have captured demographic information, performance reviews, jobs data, etc. but companys fail to use this data to benefit both their talent and business strategy.

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Valuable insight that help you recruit internally and make better training decisions.

Innovative Features

Empower leaders to develop and retain high-performing talent.

Employee Insights

Gain a clear understanding of employee goals and gaps.

Learn about the careers employees are interested in, what skills they want to learn, who are your learners, and who are your passives.

  • Success Profiles
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Identify High-Potentials

Optimize Learning and Development

Push training to the right employees at the right time.

Measure the effectiveness of your training and utilize top vendors more efficiently. Target training based on employee development goals to strengthen your talent pipeline.

  • Target Training
  • Measure Training Effectiveness
  • Identify Top Vendors

Predictive Talent Analytics

Forecast future talent and skill capability gaps.

Actionable insight into market demands to continually develop talent and turn on a dime.

  • Flight Risk
  • Talent Skill Forecasting
  • Internal Recruiting

Additional Features...

We offer many extensions & extra services.
Data Integration

Data Integration

Utilize the data you already have. Patheer makes it easy to integrate with your existing HRIS platforms.

Competency Modeling

Competency Modeling

Don't have a compentency model in place. Let Patheer do the heavy lift for you to help get you started.

Success Profile

Data Visualization

Don't need to be a data expert. Patheer makes your reports easy to understand.

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