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Talent Development

86% of employees leave due to the lack of development

Organizations have failed to show high-potentials career growth opportunities. As a result these employees find it easier to leave and grow elsewhere. With Patheer you'll be able to show potential growth opportunities aligned with employee aspirations.

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Engage your workforce by focusing on the one thing that matters the most...their careers.

Innovative Features

Empower employees to explore options, build skills, and develop continuously

Navigate Career Possibilities

Employees will know what they can do with their skills.

The most common reason employees leave an organization is due to the lack of career growth opportunities. This is often related to not knowing how or where skills can transfer to within the organization. Employees now have a way to understand where their skills can be utilized within the organization.

Identify Skills Gaps

Employees will gain clear visibility of all their skills gaps.

Employees want to know about lateral and advancement opportunities. Employees are able to visualize all the different career paths and advancement options within your organization and the skills they need to get there.

Targeted Learning

Employees will receive resources catered to them.

Employees receive personalized and targeted training specific to their current skill gaps and career aspirations. They can also create personalized plans to help them close gaps and achieve goals.

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